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GO-BO League is sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and is also a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO).


RULE 1a – Management

The GO-BO League is managed by the Board of Directors, which is comprised of elected officers and team captains.  The elected officers of the GO-BO League must be league members and shall include the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms.  (Ratified by simple majority of the members presence)


RULE 1b – Elected Officials

The league membership met on June 11th, 2014, at 5:30 PM to elect officers and to adopt the rules for the upcoming season.  Approval of the elections and rules was by the majority of the members present.  The league officers elected are Christopher Norwood, President; Tommy Nguyen, Vice-President; Mac Ledesma, Secretary; Shon Gates, Treasurer; and VACANT, Sergeant at Arms.



Rule 1c

Gender Diversity - As governed by USBC, GO-BO will put forth every effort to ensure the Board Officials are comprised of at least one male and one female member.


Rule 1d – Committees

The President and Vice President creates and are in charge of all special committees or league representatives.


RULE 1e – National Bylaws

The USBC rulebook will govern rules not covered herein. The league Board of Directors will address any questions or problems unless it involves a rule change.


Rule 2 – Schedule

Fall League starts June 11th, 2014 and game nights are every Wednesday for 10 weeks. The normal time is at 6:20 PM for warm-up and actual competition starts at 6:30 PM, unless there is a scheduled event or side game.

• Wednesday August 6th is Position Round or last day of League competition

• Wednesday August 13th is the last day of bowling and Sweepers, (see Rule 14 – Sweepstakes, for more details

• And there will be no time off for Fall League



League Fees will be set no later than the first night of bowling.  Fall 2014 League fees will be as followed:

League Fee Breakdown:$12.50 lineage, $.25 secretary fee, $.25 treasurer fee, $1.50 prize fund for a total weekly fee of $14.50.


Rule 3b – Sanction Fees

This shall be a USBC sanctioned league. All members must join the organization the first night of bowling or show proof of membership. Current fees for membership are $21.00 annually or $11 per season. Non-sanctioned bowlers may result in a forfeit of games.


Rule 3c – Shoe rental

Any league bowler that needs shoes to bowl their league must pay $2.00 shoe rental at the front desk prior to league play.



Rule 3d – Collection of Fees

The Treasurer collects all fees owed the league.  Each team captain (or designated alternate if the team captain is absent) is responsible for collecting all fees from team members and delivering them in the team’s pay envelope to the Treasurer by the end of the first game each week.

On the first night of bowling, each member will pay the first night’s fees, plus the USBC membership fees specified above ($21 annually or $11 seasonally).  Members holding a current USBC membership card are required to pay only the first week’s bowling fees.

On the third week of bowling, each member or team will pay that week of bowling along with the last two weeks of the season (the final position round and sweepstakes).

On each subsequent night of bowling, each member or team will pay the weekly fee for that night of bowling, unless absent.  Absent bowlers or the team must pay up to date the first night they return.  Members will be allowed to bowl if he/she is one (1) week in arrears.  If a bowler, who is more than one week in arrears, is allowed by the team captain to bowl, all games will be forfeited by his/her team that night.


Rule 4a – Arrearages

If any team is not fully paid at the end of the season (including replacement teams), the arrearages (and NSF checks and bank fees) will be deducted from that team’s prize money.  If the arrearages are more than the team’s prize money, the amount due will be deducted from the league prize fund before distribution and all team members with arrearages will be reported to the Association for nonpayment of funds in accordance with USBC Rule 115b (Dismissal – Nonpayment of Fees and/or Improper Withdrawal, usually resulting in ineligibility for USBC membership until such funds are paid to the league to which the funds are owed).


Rule 4b – Returned Checks

If any team member writes a NSF check, the Treasurer will notify the team captain and bowler within one day after notification is received from the bank.  The NSF check must be redeemed by the next scheduled night of bowling after notification by the Treasurer.  Failure to redeem the NSF check on that night will be considered non-payment/arrearages of funds and forfeiture of any points won will begin from the night the check was given for payment of league fees.  Any member who writes the GO-BO League a NSF check will be placed on a cash only basis for the remainder of the season.  In order to prepare for league prize fund payouts, no personal checks will be accepted the last two (2) weeks of the published league schedule.



An account will be set up at a local recognized banking institution in the name of GO-BO League with the signatures of at least two officers required for all withdrawals.  The league will carry a reserve of no more than $100.00 into the next season.


Rule 6a – Constitution of Teams

Teams are made up of “team members” and can have up to 8, but only 4 at a time can bowl per league night.  The remaining “team members” will be reserved as alternates for that team only.  For every game night, the same team members must bowl all three games that specific night.  Teams may be made up of all men, all women, or any combination of the two.  Members must be at least 18 years of age.


The league will strive to consist of an even number of teams and will expand to accommodate the greatest number of teams possible. Currently, a maximum of 16 teams is allowed and the League officers set the teams from the sign-up requests given to the league during the sign-up period. The sign-up period for a given season will end 7 days prior to the start of that season. At the end of the sign-up period, the league officers will attempt to set the teams giving priority to the following in this order: 1) the first entry 2) the second entry 3) the sequential entry, and so on.


All sign-up requests after the sign-up period will only be accommodated if the league has not already been filled. There is no special priority after the end of the official sign-up period


Rule 6b – Team Names

Team names are encouraged to show unity on a team.  This league has voted a veto power to the league board members on team names that may be considered risqué or vulgar.  If a team name is considered over the top, the board members will ask the team to pick another name.


Rule 6c – Team Captain

A team must designate a team captain before bowling the first game night.  When a team captain is absent, he/she can designate a team member to carry out the responsibilities of the team captain.



The team captain's authority is contained in Rule 104 (USBC). The following is a reiteration and elaboration of the Team Captain's responsibilities:

1. Collect all league fees from team members and turn in the fees to the Secretary/Treasurer before the end of the first game. This includes any shortages from prior weeks. Shortages are not allowed for more than two (2) weeks. Active Members more than 14 days in arrears of any dues, league fees, or special assessments may be suspended by the League Officers.

2. Will at least make efforts to find replacement bowlers for any vacancies on the team, temporary or permanent.

3. If substitutes are used, captains must determine their eligibility to bowl prior to bowling. All substitutes MUST be sanctioned with the USBC.  It will be the captain’s responsibility to ensure that, prior to bowling, any unsanctioned member complete the USBC membership card with the Secretary and pay the required fees.  The Secretary will confirm USBC membership if sanctioned with another league.

4. Make sure all scores for each bowler have been filled in on the recap sheet and all totals have been calculated and entered on the recap sheet. Sign the recap sheet at the end of the 3-game match and submit both copies to the desk.

5. The team captain is a voting member of the Board of Directors, and is expected to attend any additional formal meetings called by the League Officers.

6. The team captains shall make their e-mail and phone number available to their team and to the other team captains for notification purposes.


Rule 7a – Entering Averages

Entering averages for all bowlers shall be computed from the first full 3 game series bowled in this league.  Bowlers not establishing the first night on 3 games shall use a 200 average.  (Example: if you bowl 480 over your first three games, your average will be 160.)



Handicap shall be computed as 90% of the difference from 220 for each bowler.  To calculate your handicap: 220 – 160 (average) = 60 x 90% = 54


Rule 7c – Absentee Scores

Absent bowler scores are allowed when a team has a legal lineup, but less than a full lineup at the start of any game in a series. The absent score is the average, less 10 pins. Handicap is based on the average of the absent bowler.  When a team has enough members on its roster for a legal lineup, but not enough for a full lineup, a vacancy score of 120 and handicap of 90 will be used.


A legal lineup is at least two members from a team.  Designated team alternates are consider team members.  However, substitutes do not count to determine a legal lineup.  Any team not having a legal lineup at the end of the third frame of the opposing team will forfeit that game.


Rule 7e – Uneven Number of Teams

If the league starts the season with an uneven number of teams or a team is dismissed or withdraws and is not replaced, the team scheduled against the nonexistent team cannot be credited with the points by forfeit.  To earn the points they must bowl their average less ten pins per player per game (the team must bowl within 40 pins of the team average or better).


Rule 8a – Point System

This league will use a 4-point system, with 1 point for each game and 1 for total points.  In case of a tie, one-half point will be awarded to each team.


Rule 8b – League Ending Ties and Roll-Offs

All ties will be decided by total pins, except for first place and league awards.  If two or more teams have the same number of points after the first half or second half position round, or if the two teams bowling for the league championship both win two points during the playoff on the final night of bowling, the winner will be decided by a one (1) game roll-off (or more if required). This roll-off, if necessary, will take place immediately following the 3rd game of regular bowling.  Roll-off games will not count towards individual averages or special league prizes.  League awards will be split evenly when more than one team or individual bowler ties for the award.


Rule 9 – Pre-Bowls and Post-Bowl

Pre-bowling, for the upcoming week, may be done up to 7 days in advance.  Post bowling will be limited to the Sunday (Fall League) and Wednesday (Fall/Spring League) following the original league night to allow the secretary/treasurer enough time to complete the stats for that week.  Teams will be limited to three opportunities to pre or post bowl for the season. If a team fails to make up a session within the time limits, a forfeit will result. Teams shall not be allowed to pre or post bowl the last night of each half as this would prevent them from participating in a roll off if necessary.


Rule 10 – Forfeit Procedure (Updated 6/11/2014)

When a team is bowling in a known forfeit situation, the following procedures shall apply:

The forfeiting team is not to receive any points.

The opposing team will automatically receive the points (4) for that night’s contest.

Players on the forfeiting team who are present may bowl, but the scores shall not be included in the team’s total pins. Scores bowled in accordance with this procedure shall be counted toward averages and qualify for league prizes.  In addition, such scores shall qualify for USBC awards.


Rule 11 – Withdrawals/Resignations (USBC Rule 114a)

Members of the GO-BO League may withdraw from the league during a season.  If a team or individual member must withdraw, the following procedure is to be followed:

1. The departing bowler must give two (2) weeks advance notice along with sufficient cause for resigning.

2. We ask the bowler resigning from a team to give notice to the team captain and the Secretary.

3. The team captain shall also give notice to the Secretary to acknowledge the persons resignation.

4. The resigning team member must pay any arrearages plus league fees for the two week notice period unless the bowler is replaced within that period.  Pre-payment of the last two weeks of bowling may be used to pay league fees during the notice period.


If a bowler is absent a third consecutive week without proper notice and sufficient cause is not given, all franchise, prize and any other money for which the individual may have been eligible will be forfeited, unless the league’s board determines otherwise.  In addition, the member shall be subject to suspension of USBC membership.  The team will carry a vacancy until a replacement bowler can be found. The remaining team members are responsible for paying the weekly fees for the vacant position.  A bowler giving proper notice of an absence longer than the two weeks may remain on the team roster as long as the weekly fees are paid. It is the team captain’s responsibility to declare a bowler vacancy or pay the weekly fees.


A bowler who has resigned may bowl in the same league later that season provided:

1. Proper notice and sufficient cause was given, and the individual bowls on the same team from which the bowler resigned.  No vote of the Board of Directors is required; or

2. Proper notice and sufficient cause was given, and the individual bowls on a different team from which the bowler resigned.  No vote of the Board of Directors is required as long as the transfer is approved by both team captains; or

3. Approval by 2/3rd vote of the Board of Directors is obtained when the bowler did not give proper notice and sufficient cause, or wants to bowl on a team other than the one from which the bowler resigned, and both team captains do not agree to the transfer.


The average of any bowler permitted to return to the league shall be continued.


Rule 12a – Substitutes (Update 6/11/2014)

A substitute (sub) is a bowler outside of your team members and is referred to as revolving subs because they may bowl for multiple teams within the season.

• A sub can be used instead of a team member and their scores applies to that team average/score for that league night; No sub may bowl with more than one team per game night.

• Substitutes will not be eligible for prize money or league awards;

• No substitute will be allowed to pre-bowl and/or post-bowl games, or during Position Rounds and Sweepstakes;

• Substitutes pays $10.00 towards the prize funds and does not pay the weekly fees of the team member they are replacing.  They must also be a USBC member.

• A sub may become an alternate at any time during the season.

• The Secretary will maintain a list of substitutes.


Rule 12b – Alternates

An alternate is a bowler specific designated to one team.  Alternates may also be referred to as a team member for those teams with more than 4 team members.

An alternate is used in place of or as another team member and their scores applies to their team average/score for that league night.  Alternates/team members must remain the same through all three games that league night.

Alternates may be eligible for prize money or league awards if they meet the requirements outlined in Rule 14a.

Alternates will be allowed to bowl pre/post bowl, and bowl during position rounds and sweepstakes


Rule 13a – League Prizes and Awards

$1.50 from the weekly fee of $14.50, collected from every possible bowler, will go towards the Prize Fund and Award.  Additionally, the Prize Fund may be augmented by league fundraisers.  Only team members qualify for prizes and awards, and they must bowl at least 12 games (out of 27 games possible).


The prizes and awards are as follows,

• Top Women, handicap game, handicap series

• Top Men, handicap  game, handicap series

• Team Prize: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Team awards


Rule 13b – Sweepstakes

Fall League Sweepers will be August 13th.  This event will be an individual competition, with every bowler competing against each other.

• Bowlers must have bowled at least 12 games during the season

• Bowlers will use their league averages and handicap for scoring

• Prizes will be paid in cash, the same game night and once the scores have all been reported.

• The $1.50 prize fund collected for week 10 of league bowling will be awarded to the bowlers with the top six handicap series.


Rule 13c – Sweepers Pot Luck Party

During sweepers, we will be having a pot luck and would like volunteers to provide food, treats, beverages, and party supplies.  A committee will be formed to help execute the pot luck party.


Rule 14 – Side Games and League Fundraisers

GO-BO League will be playing side games and conducting league fundraisers during game nights.  The games or fundraisers below may interfere with normal starting and ending times.  Funds raised will go towards the general Prize Fund, league operation, and marketing costs.


Spare or Strike Pot

Starting the second week of Fall League and ending on week 10, members will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each for the Spare or Strike Pot.  If the holders of tickets drawn bowls a spare, strike, or two strikes, depending on their league averages, they will win half of the pot.

• Bowlers must have bowled a minimum of three league games.

• Bowlers may ask other bowlers to bowl for them, and then the new bowlers’ average applies.

• Two tickets will be drawn each game night.

• If the bowlers fail to bowl a spare, strike, or two strikes, all remaining tickets are thrown out and prize fund is carried over to the following game night.

• When the pot reaches $200.00 or on week 10, additional tickets will be drawn until there is a winner.

• In an event there are no more tickets to draw from, the last ticket holder automatically wins.

• Bowlers with the following averages must bowl the following:

0-135 needs 1 spare or strike to win

136-179 needs 1 strike

180-300 needs 2 strikes


Last Man Standing

All bowlers, in the same chosen bowling position, will bowl at the same time.  Each bowler will attempt to knock down a decided number of pins.  If the bowler fails, your team is disqualified for any prizes.  If successful, the sequential bowler will attempt to knock down the next decided number of pins, and until your team is the last ones standing.

There is no cost to play this game and everyone should participate.

Last Man Standing is played before normal league games.

The Elected Board Members will decide how often this game is played and the prizes given out.


Rule 15 – Protests

All protests must be filed in writing with a league officer and shall be filed within 15 days of occurrence.  A protest resulting from competition in the final two weeks of a league schedule shall be filed within 48 hours of the final date of the league schedule or the end of a segment when the league bowls a split season.



Game Night: the day team members bowl (Wednesday’s for Fall league).


Team or Alternate members:

• One of up to eight members to a team that is responsible for the weekly team fee of $56, and for 10 weeks.

• Does qualify for prizes and awards if they bowl a minimum of 12 games.

• Alternates are designated to the same team for the entire season.

• An alternate bowler can become a substitute bowler and bowl with any team anytime during the season but will remain a substitute for the remainder of the season.  Will not be eligible for prize money once they become substitute.


League By-laws & Rules: